Motorcycle Games

Uphill Rush 2 Uphill Rush 2 – Continuing in the tradition of the original game, Uphill Rush 2 brings you a variety of racing options with lots of unlockable levels. Show your friends who i [...]
Uphill Rush 3 Uphill Rush 3 – In the exciting world of extreme sports, only the best of the best have been able to say they have won the Uphill Rush challenge. Once again this great event [...]
Uphill Rush Uphill Rush is the extreme sports fan’s greatest dream. You get to take on challenging courses in multiple vehicles. You will have to master skateboarding, driving a monster [...]
Super Bike X Super Bike X – Whenever you see the side of a mountain, you automatically grab your gear and bike and head towards it. As you get closer, the sheer cliff side looms above you [...]
Rock Band Roadie Rock Band Roadie – Rock all day, party all night! This is the mantra that rock stars all over the world seem to live by. The only way they can keep up this party lifestyle is [...]
Moto Rush Moto Rush – When you are ready to stop playing kids’ video games and want to take on a real challenge, with the most hardcore bike game the world has ever seen. Moto Ru [...]
Market Delivery Market Delivery – Bob the Delivery Guy loves his job. He picks up fresh fruits, vegetables, flowers and more from local places. He then takes these packages and delivers them [...]
Mini Bike Challenge In Mini Bike Challenge, players actually get two games for the great low price of free. The first mode is free play mode. In this mode, you must perform sweet stunts to score high [...]
Planet Racer Planet Racer – In this in depth racing game, you have to become the greatest racer in the galaxy. To do this you will have to travel from planet to planet winning races again [...]
RedLynx Trials RedLynx Trials: Flash Version – In this version of the hit PC video game, players get to take on the role of a bad ass bike rider. Play through several different courses and [...]
The Biker Feats The Biker Feats – In this hair raising game, you are a hardcore stunt biker who has been entered into a special competition. You have to compete in ten different competitions [...]
Pencil Racer 3: Drive It Pencil Racer 3: Drive It – Creativity is one thing that seems to be missing from online games. Sure, you can speed around a course at crazy top speeds, but you do not get to [...]
Blend Rider Blend Rider – Dirt bike racing has been around for a long time and has seen many things come and go. The same can be said for the flash games based on this extreme sport. Ble [...]
Motorama Motorama – In this new twist to an old video game genre, players have the ability to choose what kind of track they would like to race on. Choose things like ramp slope and l [...]
Motorbike Madness Motorbike Madness – In this hardcore gamer’s racing game, it is not only top speed that will nab you the highest number of points. You have to make sure that you do not [...]
Moto Trial Fest Moto Trial Fest is of the most customizable racing games we have ever seen. Players get to choose their helmet, suit and bike colors before they even head out to the mountains. Onc [...]
Super Mario Moto Super Mario Moto – The Mushroom Kingdom has been experiencing a very long break from the tyranny and terror that is King Bowser. Things are so quiet that the people of Mushro [...]
King of Bikes King of Bikes – For as long as you have been riding, you have heard about the rider known only as the King of Bikes. This guy could ride a bike anywhere and do anything on it [...]
Ice Rider Ice Rider – A snowy winter wonderland forms the backdrop in Ice Rider. 10 levels of slippery action await players as they mount a turbocharged motorcycle and head down the co [...]
Mo Bike Mo Bike is the thinking man’s bike racing game. Not only will you get the rush and excitement of stunt bike riding, but you will get to set up the course however you see fit. [...]
Mental Mouse Mental Mouse has always had a passion for all things crazy. Now you can join this mad cartoon mouse for his latest high speed adventure. Manic Mouse has just gotten a brand new cho [...]
Manic Rider Manic Rider – To be the most extreme racer on the mountain, you have to go to the most extreme ends. That is why you practice at the most secluded mountain courses you can fi [...]
KCA Rush KCA Rush – The year is 2009. The Nickelodeon Kid’s Choice Awards are set to go off without a hitch until there is suddenly a hitch! All of the Blimp awards that are to [...]
Ice Ride Ice Ride – Santa has decided he needs to be upgraded for the new era we live in. Gone are the days of red nosed reindeer and flying sleighs. Our new modern Santa rides a swee [...]
Hell Riders Hell Riders – The Gates of Hell are open and you hear the calling. They are reaching out to the greatest (and baddest) BMX riders ever. As the newest up and coming extreme sp [...]
Hell Chopper Hell Chopper – The road to Hell is paved with skeletons and sick choppers. One of these skeletons is you and you have been given your very own chopper. Why would Satan do thi [...]
Happy Bike Happy Bike – In the world of extreme sports, things tend to get a little too intense for younger fans. With Happy Bike, the fun of freestyle BMX is reachable for players of a [...]
Freeride Trials Freeride Trials – You have your helmet. You have your pads. You grab your bike and hit the Freeride Trials happening in town. Every summer you stay out late into the night, p [...]
Free Rider 2 Free Rider 2 – Welcome back to a world where you are in charge of your own destiny. No more riding your bike through tracks that have been made for you already. These old sch [...]
Free Rider Free Rider – It’s not enough to just cruise along pre-made race tracks on your bike. You have bigger dreams. You want to design your very own bike tracks and then cruis [...]
Enduro 3 Enduro 3: Junkyard – Only the big boys get to run with the big dogs. You have to be as tough as a junkyard dog to make it to the end of Enduro 3: Junkyard. The aim of the gam [...]
Enduro 2 In Enduro 2: Sawmill, you are heading out to a large sawmill to practice your hardcore dirt bike riding skills. Deftly maneuver your dirt bike through each challenging track withou [...]
Enduro Enduro Part 1: Construction Site – Dirt bike riders are always looking for the nest great place to ride their bikes. One type of place always provides an awesome ride and tha [...]
Daredevil 2 Daredevil 2 – If you thought you had all you could handle of the extreme world of stunt bike racing, then you were dead wrong. Daredevil 2 is coming at you with the most inte [...]
Daredevil Daredevil – This is not a game for the weak of heart. If you think you are strong enough to handle the most extreme stunt riding action to ever come across your computer scre [...]
Cyber Ryder Cyber Ryder – Time goes and with comes much change. Things are always changing, but one thing that never changes in mankind’s need for speed. Cyber Ryder is the motorcy [...]
Coast Bike Coast Bike – The coastline is full of beautiful sights – the crashing waves on the beach, pretty girls in bikinis and turbo charged bikes flying through the air. Coast [...]
Booty Rider Booty Rider – To become the best you need more than just raw skill. You need the drive to want to make it to number one, but you also need the gear. There is a new circuit of [...]
BMX Master BMX Master – The only real challenge in extreme sports is the high flying stunts action of street BMX freestyling. Rock out to some kickin’ tunes as you pedal and jump [...]
Bike Master Bike Master – Before you can get to the arenas and stadiums of the world, you must master the control and speed necessary to win the backyard league challenges. Bike Master i [...]
Bike Champ 2 Bike Champ 2 – In Bike Champ 2, you once again return to claim your title as the raddest rider on the mountain. Grab your gear and hit the great outdoors in this extreme dirt [...]
Bike Champ Bike Champ – Bike Champ puts you in the middle of a massive tournament. At least thirty different courses await you to challenge them. Perform tricks and stunts to score high [...]
Bike Challenge 3 Bike Challenge 3 – The latest and greatest in this hot dirt bike racing video game series is also the most wild. Players can ride through crazy levels full of extreme sports [...]
Bike Challenge 2 Bike Challenge 2 – Welcome to roughest and most extreme motorbike race to ever grace the wild outdoors. As one of the racers in Bike Challenge 2, you must score enough stunt [...]
Beach Rider Beach Rider – Take to ocean side motorcycle courses all along the European coast in this high speed racing game. Drive through six different levels of off road fun and excite [...]
Beach Bike Beach Bike – The air has a cool crisp to it and the ocean is shimmering beautifully. That can mean only one thing that the Beach Bike tournament has arrived. This annual comp [...]
Atom Heart Atom Heart – In the future the Earth is ravaged by wars and disease. While the world has gone to Hell and everyday life has been downgraded to basic survival, those that are [...]
Ambulance Rush Ambulance Rush – Have you ever wondered what would happen if an ambulance driver was allowed to run mad? Lucky you! Not only do you get to find out, you get to be that mad dr [...]
Alex Trax Alex Trax – Fun for all ages is ready to be had in this highly charming racing video game. Alex Trax wants to be a motorbike superstar when he gets older. He knows the only w [...]
Adrenaline Challenge Adrenaline Challenge – In this fast paced video game, players take on the role of a rookie motorbike sports star. Begin with a training course and work your way through sever [...]

Motorcycle Games
Are you up for some real challenges? We have searched high and low for the best online motorcycle games and put them all in this one place. The video games featured in this section put you in control of a speedy motorcycle, but that is where the similarities end. Great motorcycle games for kids and adults alike

Each game brings you a whole new set of challenges, and usually to a whole new locale. Some of our free motorcycle games will have you racing alongside some of the best speed racers to ever grace the sport. Others will have you transporting precious and important cargo to dangerous locations. To master these online bike games, you will have to be able to think quickly and act even more quickly.